Testimonies of patients who participated in Professor Jean-Bernard Fourtillan's research


This page aims to gather the direct or indirect testimonies (spouse, child, friends...) of patients who have tested the patches and/or simply participated in the experiment for a hormone dosage, linked to Professor Jean-Bernard FOURTILLAN's Research.

Below you will find more than 150 testimonials that are listed from the most recent to the oldest.

These testimonies have all been voluntarily anonymized for reasons of confidentiality ("CNIL" in France). They have only been redesigned (+ possible syntactic/spelling corrections) to make them easier to read.

Important: the patients have created the MALUVAL association, which currently has more than 670 members. In order to support them, you can join this association MALUVAL free of charge directly online by clicking here 































  • 124 - Testimony withdrawn at the patient's request.





























































































































New testimonials are added regularly as they are received.