Psychotic states are due to the excessive pineal secretion of the three hormones.

Our discovery shows that 6-methoxyharmalan, whose presence in the pineal gland was highlighted by WW.M. Mc Isaac in 1961, is the agent of psychoses; this totally contradicts the current dopamine hypothesis which, albeit criticised, is still current.

Our hypothesis is confirmed by the fact that no case of Alzheimer’s disease has ever been reported in psychotic patients, for whom the secretion of melatonin, which protects the neurons thanks to its antioxidant properties, is abnormally high.

Treatment via the application of a Valentonin patch when waking in the morning, removed in the evening at bedtime, should prove effective.

This is based on the displacement, by competitive binding, of excess 6-methoxyharmalan onto its receptors.

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