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Following the false information disclosed by the media concerning the "wild clinical trial" carried out by Professor Jean-Bernard Fourtillan and Henri Joyeux, we have decided to set up this site to make the truth known to the general public.



You will find on this site:


  • Professor Jean-Bernard Fourtillan's information document on VLT/6-MH mixed patches for neurologists and other health professionals: click here to read it.


  • The toxicological studies conducted with the mixed Valentonine (VLT) and 6-Methoxy-Harmalan (6-MH) patches, results and conclusion: click here to read it.


  • Many testimonies from patients who participated in these researches. They are the best proof and guarantee of the truth on this case. Read these testimonies and you will quickly understand that the press has unfortunately revealed a lot of nonsense about this "wild clinical trial"...


  • The official right of reply of Professor Jean-Bernard Fourtillan, transmitted to the media on Tuesday 22 October 2019, where he answers the accusations of the Press: click here to read it.



  • We would also like to draw your attention to the toxic Aluminium scandal present in several drugs and vaccines at doses well above the Minimum Risk Doses defined by the FDA and WHO: Click here to learn more about it.


It is time for the Truth to come out! So don't hesitate to talk about this site in your entourage and share this site on your social networks (facebook, tweeter,...), forums, websites....


Important: the patients have created the MALUVAL association which already has more than 670 members. In order to support them, you can join this association free of charge directly online by clicking here